Finding your right cricket kit at the right price in hyderabad

Finding your right cricket kit at the right price in hyderabad

Finding your right cricket kit at the right price in hyderabad!


So how it all happened that I gained interest in cricket as a sport of my choice and interest, it was when I happend to see a movie called  ms dhoni and I got inspired by how sushant singh rajput played such a vital role in the movie as mahindra singh dhoni with his name as dhilip jha , I was highly inspired now I slept and woke up over the thought that im going to take up cricket as a choice of my sport next morning I went to school spoke to my cricket captain and asked him if I can really start of my passion within short time he welcomed me just the next day to come for training and start out.


While he suggested me to go and bring in a new cricket kit, I started to hunt for one.

First thing I did was to immediately get online and research all the places in Hyderabad

Started looking around Begumpet I figured out the closest sports shops in somajiguda  i immediately asked my father to take me there and find me a kit.As soon as we reached we found out the biggest store in somajiguda was sajdeva sports we went there and asked them to show a few kits and they had various options to offer to us.Starting from BDM, SS,SG,TON, KOOKABURRA ,GM ,NEW BALANCE,SM,MRF,BAS,ADIDAS,ANTHEM,SF,PROTOS ,GRAY NICOLLS ,i was amazed to how many options were available .Now we found out that for me we were supposed to buy according to approximate  age and height of a batsman so we had to choose a bat size ,pad size and gloves size to fit our requirement I will give you a little brief by showing you the chart below in order to select the kit of your size:


Bat sizeApprox ageHeight of batsman Bat lenghtBat widht
14-5 years old Upto 4ft 3 inches25 1\4 inches31\2 inches
26-7 years old4ft 3”-4ft 6”27 3\4 inches31\2 inches
38-9 years old4ft 9”-4ft 11 inches28 3\4 inches3 3\4 inches
49-10 years old4ft 11”-5ft 2”29 3\4 inches3 3\4 inches
510-11 years old5ft 2”-5ft 5”30 3\4 inches4 inches
611-13 years old5ft 5”-5t 8”31 3\4 inches4 inches
harrow12-14 years old5ft 8”-6ft 3”32 3\4 inches41\6 inches
Full size [short handle]15 + years old6ft 3” and above33 1\2 inches41\4 inches


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