Karims: Authentic Mughlai Restaurant Now In Hyderabad.

Karims: Authentic Mughlai Restaurant Now In Hyderabad.

Well, I had been waiting impatiently for a year for Karims: Authentic Mughlai Restaurant to open up in Hyderabad. I am from Delhi, I and my family shifted to Hyderabad 3 years ago. When we got to know that Karims was opening in Hyderabad we were overwhelmed.


Now what is Karims?

The Mughals would not have ever even dreamed of that their cooks, in coming times will be making history of their own.

Cooking The Royal Food was the hereditary profession of Karim’s ; because wherever the Mughal’s went they took over their ancestors along with them right from the times of Babur.

The Mughlai food developed under the patronage of the Mughal Kings and Queens using the Indian spices; when the Mughals made India their permanent homeland.


Food in Karims: Authentic Mughlai Restaurant :

Well, whenever my family goes to Karims we start our meal with the delicious Seekh Kebab and Mutton Chops(a.k.a Mutton Barra) followed by the main course which always is Mutton Kheema and Chicken Qorma(a.k.a Jahangiri Qorma) and one must eat Tandoori Roti at Karims.

Conclusion: If you want to have Indian mughlai food…Karims is the place!!

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