Experience of AB’s(Absolute Barbecues) Hyderabad

Experience of AB’s(Absolute Barbecues) Hyderabad

I am in a very good mood!! Guess why??! I just ate an awesome dinner and good food really results in a good mood! So today I went to one my favorite restaurants in Hyderabad called AB’s(Absolute Barbecues). So I went there with my family and I had got a table reserved for 9:30 and we were there by 9:30 but Abs was as usual crowded and we got a table at around 9:55 so yeah we had to wait for a little! I was super hungry and as we got seated in no time they started serving us their yummy starters. Well, I loved the sizzling hot prawns and the Apollo fish with the garlic sauce! And how can I forget….The DELICIOUS BARBECUED PINEAPPLE!


Well, i suggest everyone eating a lot of started as they are very tasty…to be honest when you are done eating starters you are almost full. But of course there is always space for food in our tummies, so coming to the main course I loved their daal makhani and other dishes were good too! Abs also have one section for seafood where they serve deliciously cooked fishes, prawns, crabs, octopus etc. Coming to the Dessert they have a lot of variety and I almost like everything…the service in Abs is absolutely outstanding.

And one thing I love about this place is that how these guys wish and treat the people on their birthdays, anniversaries etc. by all the servers getting together and singing and clapping.


I would rate the:






~Ali Sabri

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