Glowing Goddess : A honest and detailed review!

Glowing Goddess : A honest and detailed review!

Doesn’t this sound like a wish come true?
What if i told you, its not impossible?
Blushing already hun !!!
Ofcourse a healthy and perfect skin will always make you glow but incase you dont sport that, you still can by using few simple tips n tricks!!!
First thing is a good PRIMER :- im sure you have been hearing this lately but still confused if you should and why you should ???
Let me sort it out for you…. No matter what your skin type or complexion, primer is a must and the best thing that happened to me in 2017 whether I went for a full glam or everyday look!!!

How Does It Work?

1.  It makes for a perfect base
2. It helps fill in small lines, wrinkles and also help shrink pores( happy already hun)
3. Most importantly it also acts as as a protective layer between your skin and the products so it minimises the transfer of products into your skin which actually can break you out.
Today talking about this ‘ GLOWING GODDESS’ – makeup primer from insta_glam_beauty ( a store on instagram)

I have been using quite a few products from them and enjoying them so was really excited when they launched this!!
This basically is oil based and works like a face oil too !!!


Argan oil, Aloe Vera extract, rosship seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, orange peel oil, vit.E and lemongrass oil!
Its made of natural products and these products really moisturize n fine out small lines and wrinkles. Other primers are made of silicone based polymers like dimethicobe as they give ultra smooth effect( but people with cystic acne need to do a patch test and consult their dermat to avoid any allergic reactions)
How I Use This  :-

  1. Wash and tone your face. Wait for 5mins ( let the toner tone your skin well)
  2.  When doing full glam, i rub ice cube all over my face and more on my T-zone to shrink my pores.
  3.  Since this is oil based, i need just 3drops for full face and neck. I massage it softly with my finger tips all over until it has been absorbed.

After this i proceed with my base

PROS   :-

1. It has a mild citric fragrance which makes me feel fresh
2. Its quite light unlike other faceoils so worked well for me( i have combination to oily Tzone)
3. Helps in moisturising and doesnt let my base turn cakey.
4. Since all their products are pocket friendly, i feel the same for this( no idea bout price coz i recieved this in my PR)
5. Lasts pretty long for good 6-8 hrs
6. Skin doesnt feel dry after removing dry coz this oil keeps my skin hydrated!!!
Below im sharing a look where i usedthis as my makeup primer

All in all, a big thumbs up from me ( using it for almost a month now)
Recommend it to all skintype ( except those withcystic acne or any allergies to above active ingredients) . Even otherwise, i suggest a patch test.
You can get this by contacting them on instagram, the link to which is attached below

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Incase you use this, comment below with your opinionn tag me @gazala_danish on instagram.


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  • Mona
    January 2, 2018

    This seems to be a great product for my combination skin. Shall try it!

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