TravelStories Chapter 1: A trip to Goa!

TravelStories Chapter 1: A trip to Goa!

Goa, an absolute getaway from the chaotic city life has been recently rated amongst the Top 10 ideal destinations of India. The reasons being a) its cheap b) its safe and c) the beauty covers it all up!!

The Tans Do Fade!

But Memories Replace Them…
– Anonymous 


Being an absolute aquaholic, I was lucky enough to get a chance to celebrate this new year in Goa. I reached on 29th of December and took a Taxi to my hotel in the north Goa – The Grand Hyatt. I checked in and while going to my room the arrangements for the new year’s eve caught my eye. They were more like a fantasy to me !! Fairy lights attached from trees, a huge stage, alluring chandeliers and much more. But to some the decoration bit I would like to state was so eye-pleasing that it can not be put into words!! On an enquiry I was told that the event taking place on the 31st, is called THE SKY FALL 2017 and the tickets will be booked in the afternoon of 31st itself. To be honest, I was intrigued by the name and was 101% willing to attend it !
The morning came by and i noticed the adornment with more attention…Nothing but excitement was burning me !! 30th was spent well in the hotel. Hyatt offers various in campus facilities and activities like the private beach, the activity zone for kids with trainers, the pool, the fish spa, cycling, a historic chapel which is 300 years old and the best being the water activities !! 30th night I went to the Arpora street for the famous night market which starts at 9:00pm and ends at 4:00am. It was a 25 mins ride from the hotel with 5 mins of walking due to the heavy traffic. It seemed a really happening place with a live band, dance floor, food stalls, fun stalls and variety of stalls to shop from. While entering the crowded nature, was noticeable, but not hesitating at such places is the key for the fun to begin ! The place offers articles in almost the half price than the rest of the places and a fun assuring place ! The live band was like a cherry on the cake, they sung famous songs in their own style and the originality attracted the whole bunch of people. After being in that place for about 3 hours I decided to head back to the hotel.


31st morning approached and after having my breakfast at around 11 am I rushed to the festive corner to book my ticket for the evening. It was quite simple to book the ticket and they gave me a pass for my entry in the event. Now when I had the pass to the event, I was content. My day was spent in a click as I registered in the aqua sailing camp for 90mins. They had 3 activities planned for my group which was sailing, kayaking and the fun boat. At first, we were properly equipped and harnessed. I had a double harness as they chose me to hang halfway out through the open boat to balance it. The boat took off quick and the wind too was in our favor! We went far away from the shore and I took the support of the rope and hung myself out. I was hesitant for a minute but after that I found it to be surely better than just sitting in the boat and being hit by waves minute by minute. We came to the shore after 30mins and our second activity was kayaking. We chose our partners and chose our boats and took off the shore once more. To coordinate and get the technique right was a herculean task but not impossible. In the end, we ended up successfully completing it and were rejoiced !! The last but not least activity planned was the fun boat. We took off from the show for the last time. The fun boat was all about relaxing and cooling down. We enjoyed the whole package but were lethargic by the end….! After this unforgettable time, I freshened up and waited for the clock to strike 8 and the event to start.




Finally, the time came when I changed, took my pass and made my way to the venue. The decoration was stupendous and eye-widening !! The food being offered there was of great variety and quality. The announcement there made it clear that the performances were about to start. The performances were classical but the music was the latest pop !! Which startled me !! Then the singers took over the dancers. The singers heated up the atmosphere with people grooving all around…This all was so well organized that we didn’t realize (till they announced) that it was all ready 11:55 pm. Now only 5 mins were left for the new year and our excitement was too whole another level. Soon the countdown began, 10….9….8……………..2……1 !!! And we heard a blasting sound which made us lift our heads to the sky and there was a series of flashes in the sky!!! After minutes of the flashes, the DJ turned up the music to be absolute Bollywood and rocking !! Everyone grooved and swayed till the sun to show up!! Around 4:30 am the party took a peaceful turn and was about to be over. We all left with a vivacious start to our year and initiated a lot of new friendships…!
To sum it all up I must say that it was an evening worth everyone else’s time and money !!
The Famous Saying Sums It All up,
‘ Every New Friend Is A New Adventure And
  The Start Of More Memories…..’
~Vidhanshi Soni

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