Flixable: A Search Engine Made Just For Netflix!

Flixable: A Search Engine Made Just For Netflix!

Are you tired of wasting time by just browsing for good tv shows and movies on netflix?

Well Damn! Someone just made a site which makes browsing through netflix so easy and time saving!

A reddit user called CrazedEli, a.k.a Ville Salminen just launched his creation Flixable on r/television subreddit Friday. Well Flixable is basically a search engine for netflix.

Flixable shows what’s original, what’s popular and what’s saying goodbye to Netflix. Users can browse/search by IMDb rating and genre and also filter their searches based on release date.

Ville Salminen said that he was learning to program and he wanted to know more about it so he was building this site simultaneously, and while doing that he observed that many netflix users on reddit were not happy by the netflix browsing system. Which made Ville Salminen suspicious that there was a demand for a site like Flixable.

With an aim “To build a site that would make it easier for Netflix subscribers to choose what to watch on a movie night.” Salminen made Flixable.

Salminen also created AllFlicks a similar site like Flixable in 2014, but after it became quite popular suprisingly he sold it to Reelgood in November 2017.

Flixable will grow:

As of now Flixable is a search engine just for netflix in United Stated but Salminen plans on expanding it to other countries also! And thats not it! Salminen is working on getting Hulu to Flixable too!

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Happy Browsing!

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