Is #ClimateStrike the year’s biggest hashtag for millennials? 

Climate change

Is #ClimateStrike the year’s biggest hashtag for millennials? 

Is #ClimateStrike the year’s biggest hashtag for millennials? 

It took one 16-year-old to wake up the world. And globe isn’t going back to sleep anytime soon. Greta Thunberg, clearly one of the year’s most famous faces, kicked off her campaign on climate change this September and it’s gone on to become one of the world’s largest campaigns, knocking the fight for a better climate right out of the ballpark. Not just corporates, the younger lot and millennials have joined her fight to save the world.

As per reports, 400 million people took to the streets around the world to join her week-long global strike against climate change on September 20.In India it has youngsters questioning what people are doing wrong in their daily lives and to awaken everyone to the dangers of climate emergency.

Greta, who was tipped for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has received applause from various quarters, the latest being the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, who praised the young Swedish activist at the Royal Albert Hall, this November.

The youth have definitely woken up. Have you?


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