Robot-Sumo Wrestling Is A Sport In Japan

Robot-Sumo Wrestling Is A Sport In Japan

Technology development has reached new heights. They’ve been creating robots for a while now but they’ve taken it to another level by creation robot-sumo wrestler! Yes, you read it right. They have their own Wikipedia page and everything! These robots are specially designed for sumo wrestling and are played in a lot of places including Japan and Portland. These robots are called sumobots.

Robot-sumo wrestling is considered a real sport and has their own rules and tournaments. Its said to be very interesting to watch as well. Just like in normal human wrestling they are divided into classes. Sumobots are divided into 7 classes (example: Heavyweight, lightweight and standard class to name a few). They have a special tournament with these sumobots a few of the tournament names are RobotChallenge, Robot-SM etc.

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