A Youtuber sent garlic bread into Space!

A Youtuber sent garlic bread into Space!

A British YouTuber named Tom Scott who has 1 million subscribers decided that in the name of science wanted to send a piece of garlic bread to space and let me tell you, with the help of a few friends he tested out his idea. He posted a video on youtube sharing the journey of garlic bread to space and received a smashing number of 1.3 million views.

He started off his video by saying “This Is not going to be a normal video, we’re sending Garlic Bread to the edge of space”. He started off the experiment by placing the garlic bread in a protective box attached to a weather balloon and sent it 35 kilometers into the stratosphere (the second layer on the atmosphere). The balloon pooped once it reached 35 kilometers and fell back to Earth. Soon the box opened up a parachute and landed safely. They then tracked the box with the help of GPS once they found the box he began to eat the garlic bread and stated that the middle was ‘icy’.

Tom Scott came up with this idea in a pub through normal conversation. He wanted to see what it would taste like after a few hours in the air and he did find out…

Have a look at the video here: 

~Aaira Sood

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