Every Bookworm’s Nirvana: ‘Kindle-up’ Your Vacation!

Every Bookworm’s Nirvana: ‘Kindle-up’ Your Vacation!

Y’all set for a great vacation ahead? 

We bookworms are such a different story altogether. Vacation is our honeymoon with books. All vacation plans, goals and promises must involve that long scrumptious list of books waiting to be held in our dear hands. 
But since normal life outside of those pages must go on (*sigh*), and since it’s just not possible to drag my bookshelf around in a wagon, Kindle 
is my savior! A little over a decade ago, who would’ve thought you could have a portable version of your little library that can travel anywhere with you?If you don’t own this precious gemstone yet, now is the perfect time to grab one on Amazon Here.

Of all the Kindle e-readers available, our best pick is Kindle Paperwhite (For India Kindle Paperwhite ) for a feature-packed and reasonable e-reader. It is Amazon’s best selling Kindle and has many features same as the luxury Kindle Oasis but at a fraction of the price. Though Kindle Oasis (For India Kindle Oasis  ) does have some good features. It looks more elegant, is water-proof and has double the memory space.

If you own an older or more basic version and are wishing you had the newer, better one, Amazon has a special Trade-in deal up for you, where you can exchange your old Kindle for a new one at great discounted prices. Check out how much discount you can earn on your Kindle here. But since the offer is up only for a limited period, make sure you don’t miss it.

So if you have some great plans to travel and go places and do different things, you don’t have to make that oh-so-difficult choice of picking only one or few books as your companion. Just make sure you have your Kindle in your backpack and voila! You’ve got yourself a pocketful of sunshine! Click here to get the deal before it expires!

You can buy kindle on Amazon India Here.

~Sumna Tahqiq

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