Google’s Lenses Now Detects The Breed Of Your Pets

Google’s Lenses Now Detects The Breed Of Your Pets

Well, Google is known to be the most reliable search engine but lately, they’ve been making their mark through google’s lenses and google photos. Google lens started got started with the Pixel 2 smartphone. They are ‘the computer vision photo tech of the future’ At the beginning google lens and google photos were only available on Android phones but now they’ve started their production even on ios phones and are getting started on taking over the world.

Google lens has come up with a new software that identifies the breeds of pets with the help of google photos. It works well on purebred dogs but struggles with the identity of mix breeds. This new software was released as a tribute to national pets day.


Google photos are allowing you to create movies from the pictures of your pets. You start off by selecting either the Meow movie or the doggie movie and then select the pet you would like to make the movie about, and then the app will make the movie along with some music to finish it off.

This software is said to work on plants and flowers as well.
~Aaira Sood

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