I Bet You To Do These Summer Challenges

I Bet You To Do These Summer Challenges

To all the people who are ready to be embarrassed,

Ready to take the new challenges for this summer ??
Well if it is a YES (which totally should be) you are at the right place. Following are going to be the challenges which are said to be trending this summer and here I introduce them to you on one condition. Which is to get going with them, film them and post it on any social media site tagging 101source !! Well its surely going to be a lot of fun and interaction that we have wanted. So let’s get started..;


This challenge is all about fun and trying to work with the fingers only. It involves people doing certain activities without the usage of their thumbs. Don’t tape them or use any unfair means as the fun won’t be the same. The person who uses their thumb first is disqualified from the game and the game continues with the same rules.


Mostly egg roulette stays as a penalty for some other challenge but only egg roulette sounds extremely messy and fun !! Improvisations could make this better too. Improvisations like making someone else’s body a scoreboard (and u get the highest point for the head) and then giving 5 trials to BAMMM!! Well this challenge is surely is going to be fun and it is a competition too!!


You must be aware that consumption of helium leads to voice change for a very short period of time. (It’s not harmful) People usually add on the acting game to the helium challenge which is a lot of fun for sure. The person has to take in helium and enact a scene from any famous movie or show. The spectators, however, are requested not to laugh as if they do laugh they have to go next !!!!


This challenge has already been on the net for a while but is not out of the league. In this challenge, people are made to drink water or any liquid while their hand is straight up in the air. This challenge is all about aiming… And the person who finishes an entire bottle during this challenge and wastes the least water is the winner !!!


Also, know as the frog dance challenge… This challenge has recently gained popularity on musically and few other sites too. This hilarious dance challenge has left people rolling on the floor laughing or in the attempt go getting the perfect move. This is a must try with your pals and have a laughter time.
These challenges are surely good enough for not to get you bored and now its time for you guys to start with the fun in the summer and keep us updated by tagging us while posting the video on any social media site.
We look forward to your videos and let us know about your experiences with these trails 🙂
~Vidhanshi Soni

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