Shawarma Corner – Where quality meets taste!

Shawarma Corner – Where quality meets taste!

Oh, so I get out of a run at the KBR Park and just after walking a little ahead in a lane, I spot a new place for shawarma called Shawarma Corner. It seemed just right as to how I got stricken by its outer appearance, as I walked along and while I was thinking, the place just pulled me in. As you can see in the video below the place was clean and well organized unlike other shawarma places in the city and it made me just decide to sit and order at to try out at least once. So the best was to be able to get 2 different kinds of shawarma options and I got the spicy one whereas got 2 packed that were original. The best was the host and how they so quickly served me my feast. Baklawa was good as well and worth trying for its price that’s not really much. So the tagline goes well Original Shawarma with good flavor. I think its a must try!!!





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